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Swift Trim Keto: Real Energy, Fat Burning Effects?

TimesofHealth Team



swift trim keto

Using much of the same animations, phrasings, and arguments employed by their competitors, Swift Trim Keto’s product seems to struggle when it comes to substantiating its place in the competitive and ever-growing industry of ketosis supplement products. The main argument employed by the website is that the ketosis diet itself is effective at converting fat cells to energy and causing significant subsequent weight loss, although it remains largely unclear whether or not the supplement itself is effective.

About Swift Trim Keto

  • Company Name: Swift Trim Keto
  • Product Name: Swift Trim Keto
  • Website:
  • Phone: (855) 648 3651
  • Return Address: Shipping Department: P.O. Box 61553, Savannah, GA 31420
  • Creation Date: 2019
  • Supplement Price: $4.95 (Initial Trial), $84.95 (If trial is not cancelled within 15 days)—Careful!

Claims and Warrants

The site claims that they have a number of Facebook fans posting testimonials on their page, but we’re not so sure; the reviews and screenshots are pretty much copies of the same ones listed on every supplement website, and they all read like they were written by professional reviewers. Even not considering the potentially fallacious reviews, consumers should be wary about the lack of substantive information included on the website.

Swift Trim Keto Review Summary

In the absence of legitimate nutritional information, ingredient lists, or basic information about the effectiveness and reasons behind the effectiveness of the product in-question, users should be slow to accept this new company. While they could be a legitimate, professional company with a great product to offer, users should approach the company with great caution.

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