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ReSize Mint Patch: Targeted Weight Loss in a Skin Patch?

TimesofHealth Team



ReSize Mint Patch

The ReSize Mint Patch is a topical patch for weight loss, which can only be purchased from the official website at this time.

What is the ReSize Mint Patch?

Loosing weight is difficult, especially on sagging or bloated areas, which is essentially the problem that ReSize Mint Patch aims to fix. The creators of the ReSize Mint Patch infused it with a botanical formula that is meant to increase firmness, tightness, and toning in the skin. Rather than offering this nourishment to the face, the patch is made for the stomach, slimming down the user’s physique by inducing lipolysis.

No exercise or dieting is necessary, and the patch can be left on for up to 12 hours daily

Purchasing the ReSize Mint Patch

When the consumer decides to purchase the ReSize Mint Patch, they have several options. A single package costs $14.95. However, consumers can also get a discount for ordering more than one package. Choose from:

  • Three patches: $29.95
  • Five patches: $44.95
  • Eight patches: $59.95
  • 18 patches: $127.95

Every purchase is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee/

ReSize Mint Patch Summary

The information for the ReSize Mint Patch is limited, but the use of it can help with troublesome weight loss areas. Though the advertised use is for the stomach, the website’s images suggest that it can help with weight loss on the arms, buttocks, legs, and back as well.

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