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DietBet: Weight Loss Games and Challenges to Earn Rewards

Deborah Killion



DietBet: Weight Loss Games and Challenges to Earn Rewards
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Tired of existing means by which society promotes weight loss? Are you having difficulties being consistent in your diet and training regimen? These are the most relatable concerns that consumers are likely to experience.

Weight loss doesn’t simply rest in setting a goal and picking a generic type of training; it has to do with one’s interest in the type of physical activity chosen. The lack of interest makes weight loss a task and something that needs to be done, and not something that’s desired.

This is where DietBet comes into play. Not only did the founders create a program that brings community members together, but they’ve also attached an incentive, which carries both self-esteem and monetary value. How do the latter to come together?

The following review will look closely at DietBet’s way in helping others reach their weight management goals. This includes their purpose, programs offered, and a brief overview of the study conducted by the team themselves, which back the claims made.

What is DietBet?

DietBet is described as an online weight loss game in which consumers are betting against each other to see who will lose the most weight. Within a typical span of four weeks to 12 months, those who have joined a game and have lost 4 to 10% of their body weight will get their portion of the entire bets placed.

How does DietBet work?

First, consumers have to join a game, and this depends on one’s weight loss goals. DietBet currently hosts two games; the Kick Starter, and the Transformer.

Kickstarter appears to be ideal for those who want to get started on their weight loss goals and are stuck deciding on how to go about them. As for the game, it spans over a course of four weeks in which the goal for everyone is to lose 4% of one’s individual body weight. The bet amount is roughly $30, and consumers (mean=96%) who win typically double their bets at most.

Transformer is ideal for consumers who want to see more changes. It is set to last 6 months, with a goal of losing 10% body weight. The bet amount can either be paid monthly ($25) or in one shot ($125). The gains are higher here given the number of participants. For instance, those who win every month, they are said to make $325, and on average $175 for the sixth round.

While the former two have been established since its existence (2013), a third program is currently in the works and it is called Hold Steady. This one will be for a period of 12 months in which consumers are required to do their best to maintain their body weight within + 2% range. The bet price is said to be $25, but once again this has yet to be tested.

DietBet Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, the concept behind DietBet is definitely innovative as consumers normally don’t get monetary incentives for losing weight. A possible reason why consumers typically choose this mean of training is because it is community-based, so there’s a lot of support and tips on the table, not to mention overall consistency. To ensure cheating is avoided, consumers will be constantly monitored, whether this implies constant weight checks or ensuring the app/website itself is not manipulated in anyway.

According to Dietbetter’s results obtained from Kickstarter program, at least 65.53% of participants provided a verified weight at the end of the program. On average, 17,171 (of the 39,387 players assessed at the time) lost 4.9% of their body weight, which is more than the set goal for four weeks. Of these players, 5,268 lost 5%. It’s the reach and interest in public health that has driven many to see results.

As for the games themselves, the established ones are definitely practical in the sense that they expect consumers to lose a safe, yet reasonable percent of weight within a certain period of time. While the Hold Steady is not effective as of yet, the intentions behind it are well-thought out, as weight loss requires maintenance to ensure hard work isn’t compromised. Want to start betting in a healthier self, learn more by clicking here.

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