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Neck Cooler: Portable Neck Fan to Cool and Purify Air Wherever You Go

Deborah Killion



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The Neck Cooler is a portable device that provides users with the cold breeze along their face and neck, helping to keep the entire body relaxed and soothed. This personal cooler requires no extra accessories or hand use to keep it around the user’s neck, as it works to keep the air purified and cool.

What is the Neck Cooler?

There are plenty of places that consumers will be able to get a break from the heat that they will frequently endure in these summer months. Sometimes, going inside for a break could help, but what about when someone has no control over the temperature indoors or outdoor? Neck Cooler could be that reprieve.

Neck Cooler is rather simple in the way it works to keep the body fresh wherever they are. With a single button, users will activate the fan, as it circulated cold and pure air around them. Consumers can choose from three different speeds, depending on how much they want to adjust the temperature around them. It can be worn in the car, at the office, or while camping to prevent overheating and to reduce discomfort.

Buying the Next Cooler

As a way to make sure that more people can access the Neck Cooler that needs it, all of the products available on the website currently have a 50% discount.

Choose from:

  • One Neck Cooler for $69.95
  • Two Neck Coolers for $129.95
  • Three Neck Coolers for $169.95

For individuals that want to make sure that this device continues to work as needed, there’s also a one-year warranty ($5.95) or a two-year warranty ($9.95) available at checkout.


The Neck Cooler provides both portable and personal ways to remain cooled off anywhere. The device doesn’t need water or to be plugged in a while in use, unlike other compact models out there. However, they will need to charge this device to keep it functioning, which doesn’t take long. Only limited information is available on the official website right now, so any other questions should be directed to the customer service team.

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