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Hydralyte Electrolyte Drinks: Ready to Drink Hydrating Sports Nutrition Products

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Electrolyte drinks are huge in popularity and help to rehydrate the body during sports and exercise. The problem with the majority of sports drinks is that they contain high amounts of sugar and not as many electrolytes. Hydralyte is a new clinical form of hydration that contains 75% less sugar and four times more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks. Hydralyte is available in a variety of formats which makes them easy to carry and bring wherever you need them. Ready to drink liquids are available in addition to tablets, powders, and freezer pops. They contain the right balance of sugar, salt, and water for rapid rehydration. They are safe to use making them suitable for all ages.

Hydralyte is available in multiple formats as well as flavors including orange, berry, and lemonade. The electrolyte tablets dissolve quickly, and each tube comes with a total of 10 servings for a cost of $9.99. The tube is small and portable making it easy to throw in a bag or store for your convenience. The electrolyte powders mix easily into water and are available in single-serving packets for $9.99 or a bulk tub for $54.99. Free shipping is available on all effervescent electrolyte tablets and electrolyte powders. Hydrolyte ready to drink electrolyte liquids, also available in orange, berry, and lemonade, and last up to 30 days in the fridge after opening. The freezer pops are a great option for a refreshing and rehydrating treat available for $6.99 for a box of 16 freezer pops.

Hydralyte’s goal is to provide their customers with top quality clinical hydration that is both convenient and effective. The clinical formation is based on the World Health Organization’s criteria for fast and successful rehydration. It helps not only to reverse dehydration but also to prevent it. It is beneficial in treating heavy sweating, recovery, vomiting and diarrhea, travel, and fever. They have been leaders in the Australian market for a decade and are available at various retailers in Canada and the US as well as online. It is recommended by health care professionals and the health benefits make it the brand that everyone should reach for.

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Looking at Top 10 Therapeutic Sports Massage Benefits for Athletes




Looking at Top 10 Therapeutic Sports Massage Benefits for Athletes
  • Athletes put their muscles through substantial strains during training.
  • Health Nerdy discussed 10 reasons that sports massage is crucial for body health.

Athletes go through a lot of strenuous activity in their work, both in training and in during competitions. As a result, their body deals with a lot of soreness, and physical therapists make it possible for these professionals to get the soothing massage that they need. However, there are plenty of physiological and psychological benefits that come from therapeutic sports massages.

Recently, Health Nerdy reviewed ten big reasons that these sports massages are necessary and beneficial to athletes to have on a regular basis.

Top 10 Therapeutic Sports Massage Benefits

1. Reduces Muscle Stiffness or Soreness.

The main reason that any person gets a massage is to help relieve the tension found in the muscles. The muscles experience a buildup of lactic acid, and massage helps to disperse the acid. Other toxins are then released through sweat, which makes it easier for athletes to continue performing at their best.

2. Makes the Muscles more Flexible.

Even when an athlete doesn’t go through intense physical activity that their job requires, sports massages like Swedish massages and deep tissue massages improve flexibility in the muscles. Stiffness happens with excessive use of the muscles, perpetuated by the lack of soothing. If an athlete continues to use their muscles with the same level of activity, but doesn’t provide any way of relaxation, they’ll eventually cause stiff joints that could impede their future progress.

Just as much as these massages could remove soreness, they can prevent the athlete from experiencing substantial injuries. There are even individuals that prefer to get massages before their competitions begin to limber up and claim that a good massage is nearly as important as warming up their body beforehand.

3. Helps with Sleep Quality.

When the muscles are relaxed, many people tend to sleep better, due to the psychological effect that it can have. Athletes need to get more sleep to give their brain a recovery period as well, which can help them perform better at their next game or competition.

4. Improves Blood Circulation.

Along with relief from pain and stress, a sports massage is good for the body’s blood circulation, which makes it easier for athletes to manage their breathing. The body needs enough oxygen to maintain a good performance, and better blood circulation makes this possible. Furthermore, with improved blood circulation, the heart rate can rise without giving the athlete any trouble during the strenuous movements they use during activity.

5. Provides more Nutrients to the Tissues.

With the improvement in blood circulation, the blood vessels can easily move throughout the body. As the circulatory system runs through the various tissues in the body, this increased blood flow gives the muscles, joints, and other tissues the nutrients it needs with greater expediency.

It also releases the waste at a faster pace and offers the nourishment that keeps the body in movement.

6. Gets Rid of Knots in the Muscles

With muscle tension, athletes are more susceptible to knots, which are hard lumps that show up in the body. Athletes with frequent muscle use are most likely to be susceptible to this issue, as the muscles deal with toxins, lactic acid, and calcium that build up over time. Without addressing these issues, the body can go through different performance problems over time.

With an athletic massage, the knots can be loosened to improve the blood flow and prevent knots.

7. Breaks Down Scar Tissue.

Internal scar tissue is common for athletes, due to the way that these scars adhere to the muscles. The fibers in the muscle bunch together during an adhesion, which is what causes the scar tissue. With deep tissue massage, the athlete’s tissues are massaged in a way that break down scar tissue, preventing the need for surgery later on.

8. Helps Reduce Weight.

A good massage can cause the athlete to sweat, in some cases, which burns a lot of calories. Hard massages even have the power to break down body fat, as the body uses this stored fat for energy.

9. Tones up the Muscles.

Just like a massage is good for weight loss, it targets muscle fibers to tone them, resulting in more toned muscles. A toned body provides a competitive edge for athletes during competition.

10. Stimulates Nervous System.

With a massage, the body experiences a calming effect because it activates certain receptors in the nervous system. This relaxation helps athletes increase their body awareness, which is especially necessary before a marathon, competition, or game.

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Weight Loss

Chair Workouts: Dr.Oz’s Trainer Donovan Green Workout Program is Here

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Chair Workouts: Dr.Oz's Trainer Donovan Green Workout Program is Here

Chair Workouts is a program that claims to help consumers lose 10lbs in a single month, using workouts that are catered to the user’s skill level. The workouts can be followed on the official website, and users can sign up for the Fit Camp as well.

What is Chair Workouts?

Finding the right workout is a difficult task, because every workout caters to different needs. Going to a gym can be overwhelming without a routine selected, as everyone else seems to already know what they are doing at a much-advanced skill level. The Chair Workouts website aims to create a user-friendly workout routine, pushing at whatever skill level the user is at.

The company offers beginning, advanced, and intermediate workouts, depending on the user’s specific skill level. However, consumers that want a program that can push them a little further can join the Fit Camp. Fit Camp requires the use of equipment in some circumstances, but it helps consumers to target different areas of their body. While chair workouts are often associated with senior citizens, this program is meant for consumers everywhere to improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase strength.

Signing Up for Chair Workouts

Consumers that want to be able to access these materials can sign up for $47.00 per month. The cost is billed monthly to the user until they decide to cancel. There is no penalty for cancellation, and consumers can sign back up if they ever want to return.

Contacting the Creators

Even with the information provided on the website, consumers may have personal questions that they need to address. The customer service team can be reached by filling out the form on the Contact page at

The team can also be reached by email or phone.

  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 760-616-5030

Chair Workouts Summary

Chair Workout caters to the needs of any skill, which means that consumers can feel confident that they won’t overexert themselves. Still, with any new routine, it is important to speak with your doctor beforehand to ensure that this program is safe for your health. To learn more about this program, consumers can watch the promotional video online.

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Sur AltRed: Betalain Supplement to Enhance Endurance and Recovery




Sur AltRed

If you’re looking to enhance your endurance and recovery as an athlete, then AltRed is for you. This health supplement activates the performance of betalains—the performance-aiding phyto-nutrient found in beets.

What Is Sur AltRed?

AltRed utilizes a proprietary extraction method to remove nitrates and sugars and eventually creates a betalains concentrate with increased bioavailability. You cannot achieve this from whole beets, beet juice, or beet powders. The AltRed Betalains in the tiny capsules improve oxygen delivery, mitigate lactic acid, and reduce markers of muscle damage.

AltRed is Clinically Proven and Tested

AltRed delivers clinically proven and tested performance and recovery benefits for athletes. The benefits are backed by science, more than 8 years of field testing, and world champion athletes.

Besides, AltRred has been tested for substances prohibited in sport and is certified by both NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Choice Trusted by Sport. It’s safe and clean to use.

Active Ingredient

A single active ingredient—a phyto-nutrient known as Betalains, which come from beets, powers AltRed. Betalains provide their bright red color and have the ability to reduce inflammation induced by exercise. AltRed is produced through a patented process, which isolates and concentrates the betalains in beets, causing them to unleash their ability to improve athletic performance.

How AltRed Impacts Endurance and Recovery

  • More Watts: Cyclists that used AltRed produced an average of 7.63 more watts, which is a 3.5% increase during a 30-minute functional threshold power test.
  • More distance: Cyclists who used AltRed rode an average of 2.5% farther during a 30-minute biking trial.
  • Increased Efficiency: Cyclists achieved an average of a 5.4% increase in cycling efficiency when they used AltRed. In other words, it delivers more watts at the same metabolic rate or the same watts at a reduced metabolic rate—which means less physiological strain.
  • Reduced Markers of muscle damage: Tri-athletes experienced an average of 9% reduction in a key muscle damage indicator known as creatine kinase when they used AltRed. Less muscle damage means a quicker, stronger recovery.
  • Stronger Recovery: Runners experienced 14% lower blood lactate levels after a 5k time trial. Reducing lactic acid allows athletes to perform longer at a higher capacity and recover quicker.

AltRed Dosage

AltRed can take up to two hours before it peaks. It then takes nearly two hours before its effectiveness starts to decline. It’s advisable to take it 2 hours before activity. For activities that can last more than 2 hours, you should take an additional capsule after every two hours, starting at time zero.

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