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Halcyon Botanicals MCT Creamer: Medium Chain Tryglycerides with L-Theanine



Halcyon Botanicals MCT Creamer: Medium Chain Tryglycerides with L-Theanine
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As the supplement industry continues to become more mainstream, especially in wealthy countries like the United States, the methods by which consumers ingest their key supplement are rapidly expanding. Gone are the days where users can only use supplements by choking down pure mineral-based powders, vitamins, or pills. Now, companies are making their fortune in the supplement market by creating new and exciting ways for consumers to gain access to the supplements and minerals that make them feel good—without making them choke down pill after pill of powdery mineral.

Halcyon Botanicals is one such company. Their organization has created a number of new and innovative products meant to change the way that users take advantage of their favorite chemicals, compounds, and supplemental minerals. For this review, the primary focus will be on Halcyon Botanicals’ MCT Creamer. Although the guide will outline some of the core facts concerning the company behind the creamer, the product itself should be the primary consideration for users looking to give a new form of supplement a shot.

About MCT Creamer

As the name might suggest, the MCT Creamer is a dietary supplement ingested by being mixed with coffee. Creamer is typically a milk-based supplement which is poured into coffee to both make it tastier and to cool it off. This creamer contains little dairy, but instead offers a number of benefits and a slew of supplemental minerals and chemicals meant to jumpstart the drinker’s mind, body, and day.

The company claims on the official website for their product that the MCT creamer requires only three ingredients to become active in the body—Medium Chain Triglycerides, L-Theanine, and coffee. While the first two ingredients are packed into the supplemental creamer itself, the third does not come with the product. Users will need to brew their own batch of coffee—any type of coffee should work—before adding the MCT creamer and stirring thoroughly.

Benefits of MCT Creamer

Although the FDA has been slow to officially recognize the effectiveness of MCT Creamer or any of its chemicals in the treatment of any significant disease, Halcyon claims that there are three essential benefits which users can hope to see after regularly using their MCT Creamer. These benefits include weight loss, brain energy, and “improved gut health.”

Users should conduce their own research into the effectiveness of the listed supplements before making any purchase from this company.

MCT Creamer Pricing Info

Right now, Halcyon Botanicals offers three options for purchases. The “Trial” version includes one bottle and costs $47. A pack of two of the creamer bottles costs $89, while three bottles provides the biggest savings and will run a user around $125.

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