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Dr. Goglia G-Plans: Meal Plans, Food Recipes and Fitness Tracking Tools

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Dr. Goglia G-Plans: Meal Plans, Food Recipes and Fitness Tracking Tools
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In the world of fitness and nutrition, a comprehensive plan is both necessary and difficult to find. Many users attempting to start their fitness journey find that they just don’t have the technical knowledge or experience necessary to simply jump right in with a new dieting plan. Additionally, it can be difficult for the average fitness fan to find the right resources to plan their meals, workouts, and schedules in a way that synergizes and improves their progress towards their weight-loss or bodybuilding goals.

Luckily, companies like G-Plans have begun to offer the much-needed comprehensive service that the current fitness and bodybuilding industry seems to be lacking. G-Plans offers full fitness plans which are tailored specifically to the personalized goals of the user. Their plans cover nutrition, workout plans, dietary schedules, and they even help with the tracking and management of goals and successes during the duration of the plan. Put simply, the company behind G-Plans claims that their plans give a consumer everything they need to change their lives for the better.

About G-Plans

The “About Us” section of the G-Plans website emphasizes the rapid growth of their company, due mostly to the enormous success of their product and the popularity of their business. Their company grew from just a few to twenty-five members in only two years—a level of growth which is unprecedented for most of the industry. However, the company does not offer much more information concerning how the team has grown, or how the company plans to expand past this initial explosive point of success.

G-Plans also places an emphasis on the scientific backing of their technology, remarking that founder Dr. Goglia has worked in the medical industry for over thirty years, bringing tailored fitness and nutritional plans to “celebrities, elite athletes, and patients” in countries all over the world. At its core, the G-
Plan sales pitch is that their successful nutritional and fitness planning company has seen enough success with high-profile clientele to see an enormous increase to its team size and brand recognition.

G-Plan Products

G-Plan gains major points among some consumers for the variety of products they offer. In addition to monthly subscription plans of varying targets and prices, the company also offers a number of supplements which can help to assist or complement a given diet or nutritional plan. The most popular product among most consumers is the G-Plan “Customized Nutrition Program.” These programs include “weekly 7-day meal plan regimens” which are tailored to the goals of the user, a “built-in” food and recipe customization system and generator, as well as “body fat and composition tracking.”

These features make the G-Plan custom plan one of the most comprehensive and variable on the market. Even vegan users can find something useful in the plan, as it can be changed for vegans and vegetarians while still providing the same personalized fitness goals and benefits. This plan costs $39.99 per month, although consumers should understand that failing to cancel their subscription in-time could have serious monetary repercussions, as the company might continue to charge until the subscription is officially canceled by the user.

Benefits to G-Plan

It’s difficult to outline a list of definitive benefits to the G-Plan system, partly because the variable plans are tailored to achieve specific users goal. As a consequence of this variability, the specific benefits that consumers might see in a customized G-Plan depend largely on what they want to get out of the fitness and nutrition program. As some basic examples, some users experience weight loss, energy gain, immune boosting, as well as general improvement to health and attitude.

Many of the nutritional statements and assessments made on the G-Plan website have not been evaluated by the FDA, so users should be careful and conduct due research before adding any new supplement or food to their nutritional regimen. However, the G-Plan system is generally understood by both researchers and users to be an effective way to supplement an existing workout plan. As such, the program is best used in-conjunction with another form of weight loss and bodybuilding—not as a replacement for these things.

Users should always do their own research and learn more about the G-Plan company and product before making a purchase or making a subscription agreement.

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