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Do Fasting: Personal Intermittent Fasting Assistant with Meal Plans

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do fasting
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Do Fasting is a program that shows consumers a customized way to fast and ultimately lose weight. The program can be accessed from the official website but will require a subscription to maintain access.

What is Do Fasting?

Losing weight can always use a jumpstart, and there are many people that have already found success in fasting. However, fasting isn’t for everyone, which leads many people to give it up before any progress is actually made. Do Fasting found a solution of their own, creating a program that can be catered to each individual.

Do Fasting is entirely based in an app, and the company states that this regimen is best for consumers that want to reduce the stress around weight loss. This program factors in the various personal information of the user, and the creators state that the schedule is entirely catered to their regimen. While it requires a subscription, consumers can cancel the program whenever they feel ready.

How It Works

Upon entering the website, consumers will immediately go into the questionnaire that will help to customize the program. After selecting a gender, the potential customer will answer questions regarding:

  • Their level of familiarity with fasting
  • The time of day that the user is the hungriest
  • When the user eats breakfast, if at all
  • When the user eats lunch, if at all
  • When the user eats dinner, if at all
  • How the meals are prepared
  • If the user would feel comfortable with fasting on the weekends
  • Their level of activity
  • Their work schedule and their type of work
  • How willing the user is to shed weight
  • The user’s age, height, current weight, and desired weight

After collecting this information, the company makes a recommendation on what the user should do, and details information on how many people have lost this amount of weight before. There’s also a personal summary that shows the estimated changes, as well as the user’s current BMI.

Purchasing Access to Do Fasting

The user will have the option of three different plans, including:

  • The three-month plan for $33 every three months ($2.50 per week)
  • The six-month plan for $46 every six months ($1.75 per week)
  • The annual plan for $66 every year ($1.25 per week)

Along with access to the information on fasting, the user will also automatically join the community that is tied in with Do Fasting.

Contacting the Creators of Do Fasting

Even with the information provided on the website, there are still limited details, because the program is specifically customized to the individual user. To reach out to customer service, consumers can choose to either call or send an email.

Do Fasting Review Summary

Do Fasting can work with nearly anyone’s current routine and work schedule, but the user needs to be prepared for weight loss and needs to have a full understanding of the program before beginning. There isn’t much information on the website about the obligations that the user will have, but the customized approach makes it possible to work within the confines of their needs. Consumers can download the app at any time, but a subscription is absolutely necessary to continue with access to the materials.

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