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DermaBolt LED Face Mask: Safe Skincare Benefits with Infrared



DermaBolt LED Face Mask: Safe Skincare Benefits with Infrared
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The DermaBolt LED therapy Face Mask is a face mask treatment accessory that helps individuals to improve acne scars and increase the production of collagen, among other benefits. This treatment takes about ten minutes a day, and many customers report seeing significant changes in their skin's complexion within a month.

What is the DermaBolt LED Face Mask?

Skincare is a necessary part of everyone's life, but it is often one of the many areas that go ignored until there's a noticeable problem. Still, taking on this task each morning and night can help consumers to keep their clear and smooth complexions before appearing to be aged or even blemished.

Finding the right products that work is the hard part, and everyone has different needs for their complexion. However, the DermaBolt LED Face Mask provides a simple way that consumers can get their skincare done without spending more than ten minutes. The website is filled with customer reviews that talk about the idea that this comfortable treatment has helped them to solve problems like scars from acne breakouts, wrinkles from the loss of collagen, and more.

The design of the DermaBolt Face Mask is what sets it apart from other products. Rather than offering a hydrating sheet or mixture of clay, this mask emits a “professional-grade therapeutic infrared LED” light over the skin. With each of the three colors of infrared light stages of the treatment the DermaBolt Mask goes through, the treatment stimulates the different cells in the skin to make anyone look and feel their best. From blood circulation to improved elasticity, even reducing wrinkles.

The LED Light Therapy

The DermaBolt face mask goes through three different light cycles – red, blue, and orange.

With the red light, the skin will improve in hydration, reducing the size of pores while regulating the amount of oil that the skin produces. Collagen will also start increasing at this phase, which is how it smooths wrinkles.

The blue light reduces bacteria, which also impacts oil production and acne. With this light, future breakouts become almost obsolete. With no UV exposure, this stage will help consumers that suffer from eczema and psoriasis, as well. To eliminate dark spots and brighten the complexion, the orange light activates to offer more repairs.

None of these lights cause any side effects for the complexion, which gives it a distinct advantage over other remedies and formulas on the skincare market today. It is also much less invasive than using Botox or microneedles, and it can even be worn while the user relaxes on a random Saturday night.

How Does the DermaBolt LED Face Mask Work?

The only way to get the right results from this program is by following the instructions provided. The skin must first be cleaned with any face wash that the user prefers, and the user should wash the mask as well.

After plugging the USB cable to the power bank and the mask, the user can put on the mask like a pair of sunglasses. The switch will allow the user to choose the light that they treat their skin with, and it only has to be worn for about 20 minutes to start healing the skin. The creators state that wrinkles along both the eyes and the forehead should begin to diminish within a week.

Buying the DermaBolt LED Face Mask

With the secure checkout, consumers have their choice of a few different packages, starting with a single mask for $99.95 (plus $5.99 for shipping). The website also includes two face masks for $159.98, which comes with free shipping. For users that are not happy with their results from using the DermaBolt Mask, the company offers a 30-day guarantee on all purchases.

Simply send the item back for a full refund or replacement, with the customer paying for the return shipping & handling. The Derma Mask must also be in the original packaging and include your full name and the email address used to purchase your order. Or send them an email at [email protected] for help in return and send your item to:

  • Contact by phone: 1(888) 403-0161
  • Shipping Department (DermaBolt) 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083 Shipping
  • To return the product, you should mail your product to DermaBolt Returns 2345 Vauxhall Rd Union, NJ 07083

DermaBolt LED Face Mask Bottom Line

The DermaBolt Face Mask helps consumers to keep their skin healthy and wrinkle-free without having to seek out an appointment at a dermatologist's office. With the convenience of high-quality skincare available at a moment's notice, consumers won't have to worry about schedules or budgeting each session because they'll more than make their money back with the LED mask.

While this treatment is safe for most complexions, anyone that wants to integrate such advanced technology into their routine may want to reach out to a dermatologist for other questions. If you want to learn more, you can visit the official DermaBolt LED Face Mask website, here.

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