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Céleste Skin Products: Luxury Concealer, Finishing Powder and Brushes



celeste skincare products
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Céleste is a brand that has developed two beauty products to work flawlessly together – a finishing powder and a concealer, along with their corresponding brushes. The products are available from the official website with free worldwide shipping.

What is Céleste?

When it comes to makeup, every consumer wants to look their best. However, the number of products for just creating a flawless looking complexion can be overwhelming, and it can become difficult to find products that work well together while on a budget. Rather than having to spend hundreds of dollars at a beauty shop, Céleste has come out with a simple collection.

The Céleste products only include a couple of formulas, which are:

  • Luxury Concealer
  • HD Matte Finishing Powder

Read on below to learn about each of these two products.

Céleste Luxury Concealer

The Luxury Concealer by Céleste provides full coverage for consumers, ensuring that their deep fine lines, puffy under-eye bags, and blemishes are blurred, giving a more youthful look. The creamy formula is quick to apply, using caprylic triglyceride and hydrolyzed collagen to make the skin softer and more moisturized. Furthermore, due to the pigment in the cream, users will effectively be able to blend out their dark circles.

While most concealers simply focus on coverage, the Luxury Concealer by Céleste includes multiple nourishing ingredients. Some of those ingredients include:

  • Hydration: Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Protection: Vitamin C and Haloxyl
  • Repair: Lecithin

Presently, consumers have five shades to choose from, including Light, Neutral Beige, Medium, Deep, and Dark. A single tube can be purchased for $39.97, though users will get a free tube if they purchase two concealers in the same order.

Céleste HD Matte Finishing Powder

The Céleste HD Matte Finishing Powder is formulated to complement the use of the concealer. With the light texture, consumers can use this product to eliminate the appearance of shine on the face, and lock in their concealer coverage, regardless of their complexion. The finishing powder is meant to last all day.

There is only one option for the finishing powder, since all of the pigment needed comes from the concealer. This product is available for $34.99 for a single jar. However, purchasing two jars in the same purchase will give the user a third jar for free.

Using the Céleste Products

Optimally, users would first wash their face before applying any other products to it, drying completely. However, since everyone’s beauty regimen varies, the user will be able to apply the remedies as they see fit. To provide the full coverage advertised on the website, it is in the best interest of the customer to purchase the brush that corresponds with the formula.

The Concealer Brush features a blunt end to pack on and dab the concealer on without adding oil to the completion. To get the most out of the concealer, the user only needs a small amount on the end of the brush to provide the advertised full coverage. This brush is available for $27.99.

The Finishing Powder Brush is much softer, featuring an elongated shape that makes the remedy easy to blend out for a look that lasts. With this design, the user should only need a small amount of powder to get the coverage they want over blemished areas. This brush costs a little more than the Concealer Brush at $33.99.

If users want to save money on these products and purchase them all together, Céleste offers the Beauty Bundle for $99.99. The user will get all of the products listed above, which is a $136.94 value.

Contacting the Creators of Céleste

Even though much of the information is on the website, consumers that need to reach out to the customer service team can do so by sending an email to [email protected].

Céleste Review Summary

The Céleste line of beauty products is simple and easy to use, even for consumers that do not have that much experience using either. The formulas use multiple natural ingredients and give the user that airbrushed effect that they are looking for, without appearing caked on or dry. Consumers that want to get the full effect of this line will want to purchase the Beauty Bundle, but purchasing the items separately is also an option.

If any of these products do not perform in the way that the user was expecting, their purchases are covered by a 30-day refund policy.

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