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Athletic Greens: Ultimate Daily All-in-One Nutritional Whole Food Formula



athletic greens
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Athletic Greens is a supplement that is based on the need to provide health support to consumers with superfoods and antioxidants. The remedy is specifically available through the official website, where the product is available through either a trial or subscription.

What is Athletic Greens?

Nutrition is the key to a healthy life, and there are so many debates over what that actually means. Realistically, there are courses and books and documentaries about how to put the right foods in the body, but it requires a commitment from consumers. Many people prioritize their cravings over their nutritional needs, though there is usually a point when they work to turn it around. While there are many multivitamins, Athletic Greens offers something different.

Athletic Greens was created with a clear intention from the founder, who said, “Our purpose is to inspire fulfilling lives, starting with a focus on health.” There are five main areas that Athletic Greens claims to support within the body:

  • Healthy aging, with superfoods and antioxidants
  • Support for the immune system and nervous system
  • Improved energy storage and production
  • Support for the digestive system, including the gut and liver
  • Support for hormones, the brain, and adaptogen

Chris “the Kiwi”, the founder of the company, developed the formula in response to his own health crisis, according to the website. As Chris went through his own difficulties, the company decided to create a product in 2010 that helps consumers to lead a healthier life, giving them the nutrition that they need to defend themselves against various ailments.

What are its Ingredients?

Athletic Greens would be nothing without the ingredients that it delivers to consumers. The company offers an entire page on their website that is dedicated to explaining all 75 ingredients, which they include because “no single day is the same for you.” Every day is different and having such an extensive array of ingredients included prepares consumers for nearly anything.

Furthermore, the company focuses on delivering “the purest form” of each of the ingredients sourced. While the FDA and cGMP have certain guidelines that these ingredients should meet, the company advertises that they “exceed” those of cGMP and “meet” the FDA’s rules.

Here are some of the ingredients used for each of the five categories:

  • Immune and nervous system support – Vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, and biotin.
  • Digestive system support – Organic apple powder, carica papaya fruit powder, ginger rhizome powder, pineapple fresh fruit concentrate, and dandelion root extract.
  • Energy support – Alpha lipoic acid and chromium picolinate
  • Hormonal, neural, and adaptogen support – Lecithin, ashwagandha root extract, rhodiola root dry extract and astragalus membranaceus root extract
  • Healthy aging support – Alkaline pea protein isolate, organic wheat grass juice powder, organic chlorella powder, and broccoli powder

Considering the fact that consumers are provided with real ingredients, it may be necessary to check the complete ingredient list to ensure that the user isn’t allergic. It is worth noting that none of the common allergy-inducing foods are included in this formula. Furthermore, even though this multivitamin should be safe for most consumers, taking the remedy during pregnancy or breastfeeding could negatively impact the body.

Using Athletic Greens

The beauty of Athletic Greens is easily in how flexible the formula is for consumption, whether the user wants to consume the supplement alone or mixed into a drink. Still, to get the optimal results, the company includes several “tips,” including that the user should only consume the formula on an empty stomach.

A shaker is available on the website to provide the best blending for this particular formula. Measure out a scoop of the powder into liquid, and either stir or shake the formula for 20 seconds. The user does not have to follow any particular diet or other regimen to make sure this treatment is effective.

Since this formula is not for weight loss or fitness specifically, exercise should not be necessary. However, consumers can speak with the company to determine the best type of workout regimen that would complement the supplement.

Pricing for Athletic Greens

There are two options for consumers that are interested in purchasing Athletic Greens – a trial pack or a subscription.

The trial pack is available for a one-time charge of $97, while the subscription costs $77 per month and can be cancelled at any time. No matter which one of the package options is chosen, the customer will be supplied with a 30-day supply, which includes 12g per serving.

If the customer is unhappy with the results or the product itself, they have up to 60 days to request a refund through the company’s money-back guarantee.

Contacting the Creators of Athletic Greens

Despite all of the information provided online, consumers may find that they have other questions that they want to address with the team. There is a complete FAQ section on the website, but consumers can use the Live Chat function to converse with a representative through a website-based messenger.

The company also offers a phone number and email address to communicate:

Athletic Greens Review Summary

The benefits that Athletic Greens gives consumers cannot be denied, considering all of the nutrition packed into every single serving. There are other vitamins out there that aim to improve weight loss or make consumers look younger, but that’s not what this supplement is about. If consumers are looking to shed weight, look elsewhere. If they truly want to make their body healthier from within, Athletic Greens may help.

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