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Leanbean: Women’s Fat Burning Weight Loss Pill for Appetite Suppression?



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Leanbean is a supplement that consumers can use to keep control of their appetite to help them lose weight. The product is available from the official website and is processed through Amazon or PayPal.

What is Leanbean?

The weight loss industry is huge, and there are constantly new diets and regimens coming out to direct consumers to the right way for each person to drop their weight. Supplements seem to be the easy way out for some consumers, but there’s so much focus on creating a formula that will just do everything. Realistically, there is no magic pill to do the work or create the commitment, which is why Leanbean takes a different path.

Leanbean offers a solution to the snack cravings that often leads consumers to overeat and consume too many calories for their current level of activity. The product includes a wide variety of ingredients that work together to ensure that the user gets the maximum support possible, which is what the formula is all about. While it improves the metabolism as well, the lack of appetite helps consumers to remain motivated throughout their diet.

The website reveals that the purpose of Leanbean was originally to help female fitness models to shed the weight for a competitive edge. However, as interest in the formula grow, the company decided to make the formula available to the public as well.

How Does LeanBean Work

As with any of these weight loss supplements, the reason that this product works is the ingredients and how they work together. In this remedy, consumers will find:

  • Konjac Fibre, which is proven to be an appetite suppressant and fat burning ingredient
  • Turmeric, to reduce inflammation in the digestive system and reduce stomach fat
  • Garcinia Cambogia, to promote the speed of the metabolism and reduce the appetite
  • Acai berry, which is used in many weight-loss remedies for its reduction in cholesterol and antioxidant protection
  • Green coffee, which uses chlorogenic acid to prevent fat from the diet from being absorbed into the body
  • Green tea extract, which reduces the toxins in the body and stimulates the metabolism
  • Cayenne pepper, which increases the speed of the metabolism by up to 20%
  • Piperine, to improve the absorption of essential ingredients
  • Raspberry ketones, to increase lipolysis and make the body more sensitive to the effects of this supplement
  • Chromium Picolinate, which is a trace mineral that is necessary for the metabolism’s natural function
  • Vitamin B6 and B12, which help to flood the body of toxins.

With the combination of these ingredients, consumers should be able to reduce their snack cravings, which means that they will end up eating fewer calories, overall. Consumers will need the motivation to keep up with the regimen, but the use of the supplement should help to resist the urge to eat more than they should.

Using Leanbean

In total, the user of Leanbean will end up using four capsules a day, while will be separated throughout the day to give the user dosing that can keep the metabolism moving.

The company claims that this is the “number 1 fat burner of the pros.” However, if the user presently has a regimen from a doctor, or they have to take any prescription, it may be best to have them weigh in on the use of the formula first.

Purchasing Leanbean

Presently, the only place to purchase Leanbean is from the official website, and the company even states to avoid any listing on, as these items are completely false. However, interestingly enough, when consumers purchase from the official website, they are required to complete the purchase through a link with either PayPal or Amazon. The product is available in one of the available packages on the website, including:

  • The Bikini Body Bundle ($185)
    • 3 bottles of Leanbean
    • 1 free bottle of Leanbean
    • A free work-out guide
  • Two Month’s Supply ($118)
    • 2 bottles of Leanbean
  • One Month’s Supply ($59)
    • 1 bottle of Leanbean

All of the packages are available with free shipping globally. Consumers can also purchase the Performance Sports Bra for $40, available in up to a US size 16+.

If, for any reason, the user does not find that this product serves them well, they have up to 90 days to return the product.

Contacting the Creators of Leanbean

The website is an excellent source of information for consumers, but there may be other questions that consumers want to address. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

Before contacting the team, consumers can refer to the FAQ section for many of their concerns.

LeanBean Summary

Leanbean caters specifically to the needs of women and uses over 10 ingredients to help with the weight loss efforts of the user. With a simple return policy, consumers are able to give their body a fair shot of weight loss by reducing the appetite of the user enough that they won’t feel compelled to consume as many calories.

Though no exercise plan is recommended, adding this type of activity to a diet is often the best way to get fast and obvious results.

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