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KiiTO: Organic Plant Protein Superfood Drink with MCT Coconut Milk



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While the supplement industry has grown significantly since nutritionists first began to explore the massive benefits of certain natural remedies to common problems, some consumers are more interested in plant-based “superfoods” which integrate nutrition with fun deliciousness. KiiTO produces these kind of superfoods. Offering numerous products with various benefits for the average user, KiiTO specializes in providing foods that boost the effectiveness of both the brain and the muscles.

Both the mind and body stand to benefit from the superfoods manufactured by KiiTO. Several flavors provide flexibility while a curated and perfected manufacturing process add to the list of benefits offered by KiiTO’s products. Their products have no added sugar, no artificial flavors, no fermented gum, and no gluten. Additionally, their products are free of dairy and soy, making them perfect for users with allergies that prevent them from eating many superfoods with these ingredients inside them.

About KiiTO Ingredients

KiiTO includes plant proteins, superfoods, and coconut milk. The company is clear about the importance of coconut milk to their formula. In the words of the official website for KiiTO, saturated fat is good when it comes in the natural form of coconut milk—but bad when it comes from unnatural, artificial sources like donuts.

Additionally, the plant-based nature of the process is essential for both the digestibility and the sustainability of the protein itself. According to statistics found on the KiiTO website, animal protein needs around 100 times more water than plant protein requires. KiiTO creates “superfuel,” which is an edible liquid packed with superfoods essential to the maintenance of both body and mind.

KiiTO offers several options for flavors and types of superfoods, each of which offers a different set of benefits to users.

Types of KiiTO Superfuel

The original form of KiiTO Superfuel is the vanilla version. It comes packed with natural ingredients and helps with anti-inflammation, as well as brain function, stress relief, and hormonal rebalancing. The vanilla version of the KiiTO superfuel is exceedingly popular among users, providing several important benefits in a delicious and absorbable form.

The chocolate/maca version of the superfuel boosts athleticism, hormonal regulation, energy, and mood. As with every other type of supplement offered by the company, this chocolate version is packed with antioxidants and plant-based, healthy proteins.

Matcha and Moringa versions are packed with ingredients which help to boost immunity, anti-aging processes, and energy-boosting chemicals. Additionally, this version helps detox users and provide excess clarity.

KiiTO The Company

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much information available on their original website about the company behind these fantastic KiiTO superfuels. The organization gains major points among many users for their use of natural ingredients, their certification with the FDA, as well as their badge of USDA Organic approval, prominently displayed at the bottom of their website. KiiTO has stores located all over the United States, and consumers can find their favorite superfuels in a store near them.

It should be noted, however, that the FDA has not officially approved any of the KiiTO products for treatment of legitimate medical conditions. However, the institution is slow to back the legitimacy of any supplement, and its silence should not discourage consumers from purchasing or using any supplement for a number of benefits. Supplements might not be the equivalent of legitimate medical treatment, but that does not disqualify them for the benefits that they offer many consumers annually.

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