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KetoDose: Introducing the Vegan Keto Chocolate-Covered Snack Bar

Deborah Killion



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A new and tasty product has launched on announcing the KetoDose, or Vegan Keto Snack. It is a sugar-free chocolate-covered bar offered in a variety of different flavors. It will help you to maintain ketosis using clean and sustainably sourced ingredients. They have three prototypes that have been tested for healthy macros, stability, and taste. If you are new to keto or are having difficulty remaining in a ketosis state, this bar could be a great option for you. Keto can be especially tricky for vegans or for those that don’t eat meat. The KetoDose bars make it a bit easier with plant-based ingredients and less than 3 net carbs.

The company’s mission is to transform lives by promoting weight loss and helping ease the symptoms of debilitating diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, or auto-immune disorders. KetoDose also seeks to pay fair trade prices for cacao, macadamia nuts, and local ingredients. They try their best to source ingredients that have zero carbon footprint. Their first delicious products use macadamias with 76% fat, brazil nuts with 66% fat, and criollo and trinitario cacao with 45-55% fat. The macros for each 40-gram bar are under 2.5 net carbs with over 15 grams of fat. There is no added sugar and they are lightly sweetened with a monk fruit. The current flavors offered are Matcha Macadamia and Brazil Nut Kingdom.

They expect to release a third flavor called Chocolate Jungle in July. This bar will use keto cacao nibs with 2.8 grams of carbs and 16 grams of fat. The founder and creators are dedicated not only to keto but the health and wellbeing of their customers. They have sourced their ingredients at fair trade prices from Columbia and have their own factory established there. They are dedicated to quality and have experience making plant-based products with Tilin Tilin Chocolate. They have established relationships with local farmers and donate 2% of their net profits to sustain the Amazon. The best part is that the bars are indeed ketogenic without sacrificing the richness or taste of the delicious ingredients.

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