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Flat Belly Fix: 21-Day Weight Loss System with Proven Results?



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The 21-Day Flat Belly Fix is a program that helps consumers to improve their metabolism and increase the support for the immune system. The program is available with digital download, featuring plenty of content that can guide consumers.

What is The Flat Belly Fix?

Weight loss is a difficult time for any person, because it requires such a substantial sacrifice by the participant. There are two main activities that are absolutely essential to being effective – diet and exercise. However, considering how many trends and recommendations that there are in the health industry, it is difficult to say what actually can do what it claims to do.

Supplements for weight loss come out all the time, promising to put the body into ketosis or use tamarind to promote weight loss. Even if these supplements work for a time, the only way to keep up the results of these kinds of treatments is to keep taking the supplement. Instead, it may be better to use a regimen that does not involve extreme regimens or a capsule to make weight loss a reality. That is where the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix comes in.

The first claim that the website for the Flat Belly Fix program is meant to be used by consumers of all levels, even if they have an injury or illness that would otherwise inhibit them. The program is fairly easy to understand, including recipes for a tea that the user will need to drink every day to get the desired results.

Between the book and the other materials, consumers should be able to learn:

  • How to make “white” fat into “brown” fat
  • The best way to activate the thyroid for a better metabolism
  • How to get rid of hormone resistance
  • Methods to increase the sex drive

According to advertisements, the methods that the company recommends mostly include a balanced diet of healthy foods, along with a turmeric-based tea that is supposed to help with burning fat. Furthermore, there are some recommendations on how the user can participate in gentle exercise to move along their metabolism, customized for any skill and ability level.

The whole program was developed by Todd Lamb, a former police officer and a former SWAT team member. The program was created in response to his wife’s weight struggle following a car accident that injured her spine. His wife Tara, who also worked as a police officer, started gaining weight when her injury left her unable to work out.

After a SWAT operation, Todd came up with the Flat Belly Fix after being sprayed with pepper spray, which make him sweat as a result of the capsicum. By turning this simple idea into a weight loss team, the beginning of the Flat Belly Fix began. After his wife saw success, the couple chose to market it.

How Does It Work

Because all of the content is found within the digital book, consumers should first understand what they are not getting. For instance, this is not just a trending or fad diet. Instead, this program recommends the use of many natural ingredients to create a climate for weight loss. The company promises to provide scientific evidence for their claims and the ingredients that they recommend.

However, other than the promises that consumers will read, there is not much information about the actual things that consumers will have to commit to doing. Apart from the smoothies, the only real detail is that the user will be going through this program for the next three weeks. Still, no limit is really listed for how many times that this program can be repeated.

Along with the main program, consumers are provided with three types of bonus materials, including:

  • 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol
  • The Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes
  • Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching

The 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol is a very short book about fitness, which Todd himself uses to stay in shape. Todd explained that the movements are all fairly simple for all levels.

The Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes book shows plenty of different combinations that consumers can use to burn fat with these drinks. The book also has a shopping list that makes it easier for consumers to get everything they need for the grocery store.

The Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching feature includes a month of personalized coaching that directly connects the user with Todd and his team. Each member of the group is promised “personal attention.” All of this content is instantly available after making a payment.

Even though this program caters to a lot of different needs and conditions, consumers that presently struggle with a medical condition may first want to speak with a medical professional before getting into the program.

Purchasing the Flat Belly Fix

In order to gain access to the Flat Belly Fix, consumers only need to pay $37, which is currently a 70% discount from the retail value of the program. Once the user makes the purchase, they will have instant access to all of the material online, and they can be viewed from any internet-accessible device. If the user needs physical materials, they can print out any of the content after they pay for it.

If the user finds that this program is not what they hope for, they have up to 60 days to relinquish rights and get a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of Flat Belly Fix

The website does not give consumers much information, but it promises to release this content with the purchase. If consumers have questions about the materials before or after their purchase, there is no phone number or email address.

Flat Belly Fix Summary

The Flat Belly Fix is a little elusive, at best, because there is not a lot of information available online about what consumers get to see, which is likely due to the creators wanting consumers to purchase. The turmeric-based smoothies will likely be helpful for inflammation sustained in the body, which is frequently credited for weight gain or even pain. There are a few statements that are not really elaborated upon within the advertisement, like the concept of brown and white fat. Hopefully, these details are ultimately included in the eBook.

The low cost makes this program an affordable option, but the return policy ensures that consumers don’t have much of a risk by participating.

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