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Cinderella Solution: Women’s Weight Loss Accelerator System by Carly Donovan



cinderella solution
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Cinderella solution is a program that consumers can access online to reduce their weight with a “simple 2-step ritual.” The program can only be purchased from the official website, where consumers will be able to pay for the program and receive access instantly.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Losing weight can be a struggle for many consumers, but it does not have to be. Cinderella Solution is advertised their product as a solution to these concerns, starting off by discussing the creator’s struggle with their weight, having gained over 80lbs since her 30s. Her story begins like many others, discussing the shame that her weight brought, combined with the jealousy she experienced as her husband looked at other women instead.

The creator continues, unraveling a theory about a “female-only fault-line” that they consider to be the downfall of women’s metabolism. The creator explains how weight slowly gets added to the body, and how Cinderella Solution is meant to help women that have at least 20lbs to lose, triggering the metabolism in a way that helped her lose up to 7lbs per week, continuing for six straight weeks.

Based on the details offered, the reason that this weight gain is continually an issue for women is because the medical community continues to find solutions that just generate income, instead of helping. The creator explains that they are not a doctor, and these solutions were created from her personal experience.

Not much is detailed about exactly how the program works, apart from the creator’s statement that the regimen involves pairing certain ingredients. This solution, she says, led her to a 100lb weight loss, saying that the problem is not the fat on the body, but the fact that the body stores fat at all. She claims that the actions she took helped eliminate her need for insulin as well. Essentially, the whole program is about eating certain foods in certain combinations, but the actual details of the commitment that the user has to make to lose the weight is missing.

In the brief FAQ section at the bottom of the advertisement, consumers learn a little about the program. First of all, the program is meant to be used by any woman up to 60 years old. The user will not require any kinds of fitness machines to be successful, but they need to purchase some lightweight dumbbells for some exercise involved. Still, those dumbbells are substantially cheaper than a gym membership, which the advertisement says that users won’t need.

Still, the website points out that the program is not intended to treat conditions like heart disease, an underactive thyroid, or diabetes. Instead, by losing weight, consumers can reduce the issues they have with these conditions.

What’s Included

The main curriculum is combined with the Accelerator package, which includes multiple materials to allow the user to get the desired results. The website states that these materials are easily worth $147, but the user will not have to pay anything extra for access.

The bonus materials include:

  • 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • Quick Start guide
  • Movement Sequencing Activity Guide

Each of these bonuses are meant to amplify the results of using the Cinderella Solution.

Buying Cinderella Solution

To get involved with Cinderella Solution, the total cost is $37. The payment can be processed with a credit card or through PayPal, immediately giving the user access to the digital content.

If the user finds that this solution does not work for them, the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee for refunds.

Contacting the Creators of Cinderella Solution

Even with the information provided on the website for Cinderella Solution, consumers may find themselves with other questions that they want to address. The team is available by email only, not providing any phone number to speak with a live representative.

The email address for customer service is [email protected].

Cinderella Solution Summary

Cinderella Solution is meant to help consumers with weight loss, but there are not many details involved with how this program works. The materials suggest that consumers would need to engage in both diet and exercise regimens, but the only notes about these activities available is that the user will change to certain healthier foods and need to purchase lightweight equipment.

If users decide to take on this regimen, it may be best to reach out to a medical professional to ensure that they can make such a substantial change.

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