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Brolico Immune System Support: Bioavailable Broccoli-Based Phytonutrient Extract?



Brolico Immune System Support
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Humans rely heavily on the proper function of their immune system, as it serves as the body’s defense mechanism against attackers. It makes up a relatively large part of the body given that it houses one’s cells, tissues and organs – all of which work together to protect the body.

Imagine how disastrous this chain of communication might be if even one element was in a poor condition! That’s right, every element is part of one system, and the damage to one leads to a domino effect.

According to the claims made, phytonutrients – plant-based chemicals – are deemed an essential way to improve immune health. More specifically, said chemicals ensure that the aforementioned communication never weakens. This is where the Brolico Immune System Support steals the show!

Upon understanding the importance of the immune system and the positive effects phytonutrients have, the Brolico Immune System Support was supposedly established as a viable solution. The following review will further analyze the Brolico Immune System Support in terms of its purpose, key ingredient(s), its effectiveness and overall affordability.

About Brolico Immune System Support

As the name gives it away, Brolico is a potential solution that aims to fortify one’s immune system. The dietary supplement has been created in tablets has since been deemed non-GMO, GMP-certified and BPA-free.

Interestingly, each serving reflects different strengths. For instance, 3, 6 to 9 and 9 to 18 are considered regular, extra and maximum strength respectively. Given the breakdown of varying strength levels, let’s see what ingredient was used to make this happen.

Key Ingredient Used in the Brolico Immune System Support?

The key ingredient used in the Brolico Immune System Support is broccoli extract powder. Broccoli extract has a rich source of a phytonutrient called brolico, a naturally occurring chemical found only in broccolis.

Said chemical is to be beneficial because it has increased natural killer (NK) cells activity, which are a type of white blood cells produced in the immune. These very sells serve as the guards of the system that protect and rid any damage before any harm can be done.

While one might ask, “Why not just eat broccoli?” which houses an abundance of brolico. However, broccoli extracts are said to have higher concentrations of this respective type of phytonutrient. This might explain how a plant-based solution is capable of having regular strength in as little as three tables.

Is the Brolico Immune System Support Effective?

It seems like the Brolico Immune System was founded on scientific studies. Based on the Brolico’s study, when brolico was compared to the likes of propolis, fucoidan, beta glucan, sulforaphane, acai and EPA, the former was 1000, 60, 50, 100, 240, and 50 times stronger.

They further concluded that the phytonutrient associated with broccoli has the highest level of specific activity compared to the rest. This implies that broccoli was effective in inducing immunity activation.

How Much Does it Cost?

Currently, the Brolico Immune System Support is offered as a 10-day sample (containing 30 tablets) for roughly $5. This is definitely a bargain deal, as the original price was $16.30. Besides the reduced price, the fact Brolico approaches immune health by emphasizing on phytonutrients is validating, as existing studies have found the latter beneficial for the former.

Brolico Review Summary

The immune system plays a major role in human health. One disruption can force the body to witness an imbalance, which in turn may affect one’s mental, physical and emotional health. Phytonutrients are believed to play a significant role in better immunity and the Brolico Immune System Support was created for these very reasons.

The dietary supplement’s use of broccoli extract is commendable as it contains concentrated phytonutrients, enough to make a difference. While it has been reasoned that brolico has the highest possible level of specific activity, other factors including plant growth, whether fertilizers were used and the mere fact that phytonutrients work differently from one body to the next need to be considered.

This is not to say it is not effective, but rather the fact that more studies are needed to pinpoint that an ingredient is THE ultimate one. To read upon the study conducted regarding the effectiveness of brolico, please visit

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