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Orbitrek X17: Multi-Path Fitness Exercise Trainer for Home Workouts?



Orbitrek X17
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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe, people are looking to find novel ways through which they can keep themselves fit without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Also, before we take a look at the Obrbitrek in more detail, it is worth bearing in mind that recent data released by the CDC points to the fact that due to the lockdown that is currently in place all over the world, people are witnessing a rapid drop in their innate fitness levels.

What is Orbitrek X17?

In its most basic sense, the Orbitrek X17 can be thought of as a home exercise machine that has been designed to help tone our muscles using a total of 17 different “burn pathways”. As a result of this, the device is able to burn 34% more calories when compared to other similar workout machines.

In terms of its overall utility, the Orbitrek combines the movements of a number of highly effective exercise equipment such as:

  • Cycling
  • Stairmaster
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Treadmill

Some of the other key facets of the device include

Utilizes Natural Movement: One of the core facets of the Orbitrek X17 is that it helps move the user’s body in a natural, more holistic way. This is because its various exercise programs have been designed to mimic natural terrains so that the body is able to remain dynamic and vital.

Futuristic Design and Functionality: To help users break through any monotonous exercise patterns they may be stuck with, the Orbitrek X17 has been designed using a total of 17 ever-changing burn paths. This not only helps activate one’s muscles in a much more efficient manner but also allows users to burn more calories.

Reduced Workout Times: Owing to Obritrek’s highly intuitive design framework, the machine is able to deliver amazing results within relatively short periods of time.

Advanced Design: One of the most underrated facets of this exercise unit is the fact that makes use of a variety of different engineering innovations which many experts believe are quite game-changing (especially from the point of view of home fitness). For example, it features a “Finger Touch Resistance” knob that allows users to choose from 8 resistance levels instantly.

Payments, Pricing, and Availability

To place an order, all one has to do is visit the official company website and follow the instructions outlined there. In terms of Orbitrek X17’s pricing:

  • The product is available either via 3 easy payments of $249.00 or
  • One payment of $747.00.

It also bears mentioning that all purchases come with free S&H (shipping and handling) as well as a 30 Day Trial offer. Not only that, the Orbitrek comes with a one-month money-back guarantee as well as a one year warranty.

Other important aspects related to the Orbitrek X17

(i) Testimonials: A quick look online shows us that the product is well regarded amongst casual training enthusiasts as well as professional sportspersons.

(ii) Orbitrek Training Library: An underrated facet of the Orbitrek X17 is that upon purchase, users are provided with 24/7 access to Orbitrek's Online Training Library for a period of three months absolutely free of cost. This allows users to gain an insight into a wide variety of different exercise techniques as well as learn about various other workout methods.

(iii) Access to professional trainers: Once purchased, users are provided with three months of free professional support from a number of different highly skilled experts in the field of exercise, nutrition, etc.

(iv) Free Healthy Eating Guide: Each unit comes with a free copy of a healthy eating manual that not only contains a variety of different recipes but also contains information regarding various food items that are commonly available everywhere.

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