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Buzzback Reveals the Trendiest Health and Wellbeing Food Ingredient



trendiest health and wellbeing food ingredients
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The latest customer research reveals the most popular ingredients for good health and wellness. Back in March, right before the US and European Coronavirus crisis, the innovation insight research agency Buzzback decided to conduct a survey on the wellness ingredients that make brands stand out in the US and UK.

What Do Brands Need to Do?

In order to compete in the health and wellness categories in a more effective manner, brands need to be able to “anticipate what the markets need” and “offer alternatives” to their popular products. This was included in the survey for a better understanding of what health products they want and will look for when purchasing products. Buzzback then questioned consumers about their way of life, not about what they are already purchasing and use. Half of those who were interviewed said they don’t mind trying new products as long as they bring them certain health benefits. The CEO and founder of Buzzback, Carol Fitzgerald stated this about what brands need to do:

“Consumer centricity is paramount if you want to succeed in such a competitive market. Brands need to focus on why people would like to buy and use a certain product by understanding their emotions, their worries and needs.”

Top 5 Trendiest Ingredients in the UK and US

The way Buzzback managed to identify the ‘trendiest' ingredients was by analyzing how open customers are to products containing a certain substance. In the UK, the top 5 substances were Omega-3, turmeric, probiotics, Rhodiola and prebiotics, in this order, whereas in the US, the topmost looked-for ingredients were curcumin, probiotics, ashwagandha, and protein powders. Probiotics and Omega-3 are the most wanted in both countries. Only about a third of consumers completely understand each ingredient and are looking to obtain specific health benefits from what they’re consuming. Fitzgerald added that:

“Consumers are looking for new benefits from ingredients – mostly for stress, pain, relaxation or personal care benefits such as acne treatments or skin improvement.”

65% Wanting Stress and Anxiety Relief

A total of 65% of the interviewed people said they want to obtain products for stress, anxiety and depression relief and from ingredients in their foods. Half of them mentioned they would like to see other improvements when using new products, for example, more glowing skin. 31% of respondents answered with “yes” when asked if they consume probiotics either from food products or supplements.

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Innovation and Unexpected New Product Formats

The brands’ NPD current drive is to use the most popular ingredients like Omega-3, pro and prebiotics in unexpected and new product formats. Here’s what Fitzgerald said about this:

“From what we’ve observed so far, the innovation really centers around new categories and new forms adopting these ingredients.”

Such an innovation drive would have more of the trendiest health and wellbeing ingredients put into everyday foods and not so much in health supplements anymore. According to Buzzback, what makes the top 5 ingredients so popular are TV and in-store commercials, also online research. It seems 30% of respondents to the survey trust these media sources when it comes to deciding what to eat.

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