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Wisdom Biblical Herbs Supplement Review: Is It Worth Buying?



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Life has its way of creeping on you the older you get, but nature has also made available the resources you need to maintain everything you love about yourself. There are natural remedies that prevent or cure illnesses and diseases from your mental health to the physical and even your internal organs. All you need to know is the right ingredients, appropriate measurements, the correct blend, and not to mention FDA approval, among other factors. Simply put, you need a tested and trusted solution to keep you healthy regardless of your age, whether you are old or young.

Without further ado, The World’s debut Christian Daily Supplement is a classic example of the prior sentence and the first of its kind. Delve deeper to discover more about this powerful organic product, which is designed to transform energy levels and revitalize your health! What's more trustworthy than a gift from God to prevent and cure human's illnesses, which is also backed by science.


The name of the all-natural supplement is Wisdom. Dr. Patrick Gentempo, a world-renowned chiropractor, numerous patent-holder for healthcare technology, documentary filmmaker, and host of Christ Revealed, invented Wisdom. It comprises eight Biblical Herbs, all of which are supported by decades of research and other reliable scientific studies reviewed by other peers. The perfect blend of these herbs will help you reinforce your immune system, balance stress hormones, create strong muscles and bones, control your metabolism, and more.

A large number of Christians have already experienced the life-changing results of this herbal supplements. You can rest assured that every herb was cultivated and harvested, using only the safest USDA organic agricultural standards. Furthermore, they implement a unique “Raw Herbal Extraction” technique to thoroughly process each herb in the cGMP, an FDA-registered manufacturing facility. Wisdom's ingredients have been shown to naturally help with energy, vitality, and more at any age! Other benefits of the product include:

  • Inflammation should be reduced
  • Assisting in the relief of joint discomfort
  • Controls stress hormones
  • Providing you with tranquility and harmony
  • Rejuvenate Your Skin
  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots by turning back the clock
  • Assist in the Control of Blood Sugar Levels
  • Cleanse Your Body
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Naturally protects your body from foreign bacteria and viruses
  • Assist in Weight and Metabolism Control
  • Fat is burned from the buns, hips, upper arms, and abdomen
  • Get rid of your cravings
  • Defend your system against illnesses

Encourage the production of antioxidants, which help to preserve your organs by converting potentially harmful free radicals into harmless waste.

Muscle and bone health are aided by this supplement.


Following a ten-year commitment to researching, testing, and developing industry-leading herbal extraction procedures. From seed to supplement, the extraction process is comprehensive. Every batch of WISDOM maintains the plant's life, scent, color, and potency in this way. Together with raw, strong, complete spectrum healing ingredients that have a higher therapeutic potential and support the body's inherent healing abilities. It's as though you just plucked it from the earth's home. Here are some of the ingredients and Bible references to support them:


Song of Solomon 4:14

More than 7,000 studies have demonstrated that curcumin, the main element in turmeric, can improve your life. Curcumin was discovered to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals ever discovered by scientists! Turmeric has also been shown to help with joint discomfort, skin health, and weight loss.


Matthew 23:23

Anise has amazing therapeutic properties. Anise seed is high in iron, which aids in the production of healthy blood cells in the body. Seeing as red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body, which is required for cellular respiration, which is how bodies process energy. You will have greater energy if you have more red blood cells.

It may also help fight bacteria and protect against stomach ulcers, according to research. Also, it can ease menopause symptoms and considerably lessen depressive symptoms.


Exodus 30:23:

Cinnamon was formerly thought to be more valuable than gold, and it has incredible medical properties. Cinnamon contains over 41 different antioxidant components, which is why it's so popular for protecting heart health and regulating blood sugar levels.


Psalm 51:7

Hyssop is a mint-like plant with a sweet scent. It was employed in numerous Israelite ceremonial practices, as burning hyssop signified an internal cleansing. According to recent studies, it helps boost circulation, which benefits your muscles and arteries. It has also been proved to aid with muscle spasms and soreness.


Matthew 2:11

For nearly 2,000 years, Frankincense has been used as a medicine. It's one of the world's most potent and healing essential oils!

Since frankincense contains terpenes and boswellic acid, it has a unique composition. These substances have been confirmed to be exceptionally potent anti-inflammatories by the world's premier research universities. Illness, disease, and premature aging are all caused by chronic inflammation. Frankincense is now also known to aid in the immune system's improvement.


Esther, 2:12

Myrrh is a crucial essential oil in the Bible, as it appears numerous times. It went from being a spice to being an anointing oil in the Tabernacle. It is popularly known as one of the gifts the three wise men presented to Jesus soon after His birth. Myrrh has been used as a natural cure for practically every human ailment, from earaches to hemorrhoids, since ancient times. Scholarly evidence of its anti-parasitic, antifungal and antibacterial properties can be found in today's scientific literature.

Tulsi – Holy Basil

According to legend, the women who came to entomb Christ after the Crucifixion discovered an empty tomb sprouting fresh Tulsi instead of his body.

Vitamin K is abundant in holy basil. As a result, it may play a significant function in bone and heart health. It has also recently been demonstrated to aid in the normalization of blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Anti-anxiety and antidepressant characteristics, as well as favorable benefits on memory and cognitive function, have all been examined in Holy Basil.

Milk Thistle

As it is often said that the Virgin Mary's milk once fell on its leaves, this blessed herb has been identified with her. Milk Thistle is now known for its anti-aging properties since its numerous antioxidants can preserve both your skin's surface and your internal organs. It will aid in the cleansing of your liver.



There are three effective ways to administer Wisdom to anyone at any age, depending on your preference:

  • Just 1-2 Droppers Per Day
  • Simply place two small droppers on your tongue at any point during the day.
  • Add To Your Salads, Smoothies, or Teas For Extra Flavor
  • Wisdom has the perfect flavor, so it’s perfect to add to meals or beverages, such as smoothies, salads, teas, lemonades, or even your morning coffee.
  • Apply To Your Skin Before Bed.
  • Apply to skin before bed and let Wisdom tighten, revitalize and moisturize skin while you sleep.


This product is highly recommended for active seniors and fitness enthusiasts, although anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life can use it. Here are the best prices of Wisdom supplements:

  • BEST VALUE: 6 Month Supply at $39.00 each. Total is $117 for 180 Days.
  • GREAT VALUE: 3 Month Supply at $49.00 per bottle. Total is $98, which will last for 90 Days.
  • GOOD VALUE: purchase 1 Month Supply at $59.00 for one bottle. Total is $59 For 30 Days

Note that the money-back guarantee lasts for 180 Days and all orders come with free shipping.



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