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Powher: Women’s Pre-Workout, Fat Burner and Sleep Fitness Supplements

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Powher is a line of supplements for women who are working to achieve greater fitness. The products are available from the official website exclusively, though orders can presently be fulfilled by payment through Amazon and PayPal.

What is Powher?

When it comes to fitness, men and women have different needs from their supplements. Most women want to have strong muscles that appear subtle and lean, and they need formulas that can help with those goals. Powher is a brand that is dedicated to exactly this type of regimen, broken down into three formulas – Pre-Workout, Fat Burner, and Sleep.


Pre-Workout is a formula that helps to give the user the endurance that they need to prepare for their workout. The formula doesn’t give the crash that often comes with caffeine, and the website states that it will prevent women from getting the bulk in their muscles that men create with their workouts.

This formula starts at $45 for a single bottle, but consumers can submit their orders through Amazon or PayPal.

Fat Burner

Fat Burner is meant to help consumers improve their weight loss success, while helping the user to get more results from their cardio workout. The product is used throughout the day, with two capsules with each of the basic three meals a day. While it helps with improving weight loss, Fat Burner also reduces the user’s tiredness and fatigue, which means that users won’t succumb to the lack of energy that is common in the afternoons.

The formula includes many plant extracts and natural stimulants, as well as vitamins and minerals, allowing the user to get nutritional support to reach their goals. The single bottle is available for $69 per bottle, though consumers can purchase additional bottles for a discount.


Getting enough sleep while working out is essential to giving the muscles what they need to recover. The Sleep formula from Powher reduces the amount of time that the user needs to take before they drift off to sleep. The ingredients included should regulate the sleep cycle and sleeping patterns as well, ensuring that the user can get the rest that they need.

Consumers will need to take two capsules a day, which are meant to be consumed about 30 minutes before they go to sleep for the night. A single bottle of this supplement is available for $40, though consumers can increase their quantity. Unlike similar incentives, there is no discount.

Contacting Powher

Even with the information provided on the website, consumers may find themselves with questions. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to

Powher Review Summary

The Powher brand caters to the needs of women that want to achieve their fitness goals but want products that are made for their physique. The line of products is still minimal, but they are able to deliver the needs of the user to get the most performance out of their daily workouts.

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Hunter Burn: Premium Fat Burner to Reduce Hunger and Build Muscle




Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a supplement that helps consumers to work out with enough energy to build muscle, but while acting as an appetite suppressant. The formula is available from the official website exclusively.

What is Hunter Burn?

As the body ages, it is not able to maintain the same physique as it once did. Men, as hard as they may try, find that it takes more work to maintain the same waistline as before, and often experience a loss of confidence in their formerly attractive body. From a health perspective, the weight gain can lead to an increased risk of diabetes and even heart disease. However, the creators of Hunter Burn believe that there’s a solution in their supplement.

According to the website, this formula can:

  • Improve fat loss
  • Reduce appetite
  • Increase muscle mass

Read on below to learn how this product works.

How Hunter Burn Works

The main ingredient in Hunter Burn is matcha green tea, which the company states could help increase the metabolism by approximately 35%. This type of tea is three times stronger than other types of green tea, which is then combined with a natural appetite suppressant called konjac root. At this time, konjac root is one of the only appetite suppressants that the FDA has approved.

Other ingredients in this formula include:

  • Vitamin D, which is a steroid hormone to improve muscle gains and reduce stored fat
  • White kidney bean, which helps to prevent weight gain
  • L-theanine, to balance the mood
  • Cayenne pepper, to promote thermogenic fat loss

Using Hunter Burn

A single serving size of Hunter Burn is six capsules, which should be taken once daily.

Based on the information online, this product should not cause the user’s energy to crash. However, if they are taking medications or other prescription products, it may be best to speak with a doctor before use.

Purchasing Hunter Burn

The total cost of Hunter Burn varies, based on the package selected. Choose from:

  • One bottle for $75
  • Two bottles for $150
  • Four bottles for $225

If users have any questions about the product or other formulas from Hunter Life, send a message to or fill out the form on the contact page.

Hunter Burn Summary

Hunter Burn is designed for men that are struggling to maintain their physique as they get older, but still manage to workout and promote a healthy body. The product focuses on burning fat and adding muscle and is formulated exclusively for men.

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5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Men to Gain Lean Muscle in 2019




It used to be a simple snack right before you hit the gym for that workout session but today everyone is talking about this magic, the pre-workout supplement. Most if not all people hitting the gym nowadays will recommend one of these pre-workout supplements as a way to increase your focus and energy in the gym during your workout sessions.

Below are the top 5 best pre-workout supplements that are used by athletes to give them that extra edge during their workout sessions

PreSeries BULK

Features of PreSeries BULK

• Intense & long-lasting Clean Energy Matrix.

• A Massive Pump Matrix (6g Citrulline Malate, More)

• Great unmatched Endurance (4g BCAA, 4g Beta Alanine, More)

• 30-Fully dosed servings in each container (clinically formulated)

• 3-flavours: Blue Raspberry, strawberry lemonade, and Green Apple.

• Zero artificial dyes or sweeteners.

If you are an athlete, who goes to the gym to build muscle & get strong. Eat tons of protein, & you clearly design your schedules in order to achieve the most out of the gym.

Then you require a pre-workout supplement that is equally as ambitious as you. That pre-workout is BULK.

BULK is meticulously made to offer athletes that euphoric, mind-blowing workout experience.

All while offering nutrients which aid your gains.

Every serving contains approximately 20-grams of active ingredients, & there are 30 servings per bag.

Talking about value & getting back your money’s worth, few other pre-workouts can compete.

Muscletech Neurocore

Features of Muscletech Anarchy

• Relatively cheap

• Tiny Dose at 6-grams

• Gives top range energy

• A beginner’s energy shot

• Has Yohimbe.

If you are an athlete who enjoys a fast energy shot right before hitting the gym that is as good to take as it’s inexpensive, Muscletech Neurocore is the pre-workout supplement for you.

This 6-gram per serving pre-workout supplement is a micro-dosed short of energy which has a mixture of various stimulants & focus enhancers.

In Muscletech Neurocore you will get 160-mg caffeine, 75-mg l-theanine, and 20-mg Yohimbe. There’re other ingredients, but these are the ones that will make the most impact on your workout.

Gaspari SuperPump

Features of Gaspari SuperPump

• Was among the first pre-workouts

• Contains some creatine monohydrate

• Fast acting energy complex

• Widely available in most supplement stores.

Inside SuperPump Max there is almost each and every vital ingredient per every 16-gram serving. You get a stimulant mixture of Glucuronolactone and caffeine which is very useful in the energy generation department.

Musclepharm Assault Black

Features of Musclepharm Assault Black

• An improved version of original Assault

• 300-mg caffeine per serving

• 1.5-grams creatine HCL

• Is relatively affordable.

Musclepharm Assault Black has a history of being an awesome pre-workout supplement. Although some have insisted that, around the time that Cory Gregory left the company, Assaults formula took a steep cut.

Assault released Assault Black as a response to shut down its critics.

To be honest, Musclepharm Assault Black brings a little extra power back to the pre-workout supplements produced by the company.

ProSupps Dr Jekyll

Features of ProSupps Dr Jekyll:

• Is a high stimulant pre-workout supplement

• Offers off the chain energy

• An absolute wild ride

• Not for beginners

Mr Hyde is a beast pre-workout supplement. It is embraced by most professional athletes because of its quality as a super energy pre-workout which offers absolute energy to tear up the gym.

It is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on this list. If you crave that energy wave, this supplement has the ‘take me’ tag all over it.

Mr Hyde offers you nearly 550-milligrams of stimulants, a 2.5-gram beta-alanine dose, the fast acting creatine HCl, & a light pump matrix. People who are stimulant lovers, Mr Hyde is an awesome choice.

Advantages of Using Pre-Workout Supplements

Builds More Muscle

BCAA is one of the primary components for muscle gain, particularly Leucine. It increases the rate Muscle Protein Synthesises that in turn stimulates mTOR for extra muscle productions.

Fat Burning

Pre-workout supplements containing Caffeine assist in fat burning at an increased rate during workouts. Caffeine is one of the active ingredients in fat burners too.

Getting Pumped

Pre-workout supplements make sure that you get a proper long-lasting muscular pump. A bigger pump ensures an increased Nitric Oxide production.

More Focus, Energy and Power

Creatine alongside caffeine & other proprietary blends is usually responsible for that extra long-lasting power.


The above list contains the top recommended pre-workout supplements for athletes who want to get the most out of the gym without getting worn out fast.

Research shows that pre-workout supplements that have ingredients like BCAAs along with B Vitamins, creatine, betaine, centreline, and arginine in the perfect amounts tend to be more beneficial compared to their counterparts.

When picking a pre-workout supplement, ensure that there’re no ingredients which you’re sensitive or allergic to. Propriety blend pre-workout supplements without a clear or any ingredient list should also be avoided.

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