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Joint N-11: Zenith Labs’ Dr. Ryan Shelton Joint Pain Relief Formula




Joint N-11

Joint N-11 is a new nutritional supplement that claims to have miraculous healing powers for joint pain. Find out how it works and if it’s worth the high price today in our review.

What is Joint N-11?

Joint N-11 is a nutritional supplement recently sold online through websites like

The supplement claims to give users instant relief from joint pain. It was created by Dr. Ryan Shelton and his team of researchers at Zenith Labs.

By taking the pill daily, you can purportedly enjoy relief from discomfort, stiffness, joint pain, and other soreness.

A sales page for Joint N-11 introduces the supplement in a creative way. It tells the story of a 60-year old baker in Alaska who had a “bloody accident” while baking with her granddaughter. She cut herself open accidentally. Then, a “cheddary baking yeast” slipped inside her cut. Within days, the baker’s pain “vanished” and helped her “feel 15 years younger”.

Joint N-11 claims to get its power from a powerful molecule within this mysterious cheddary baking yeast. The sales page for Joint N-11 is filled with people who claim to have alleviated all of their pain, soreness, and stiffness simply by taking this supplement.

Is Joint N-11 really a “natural miracle” that can provide “life-changing benefits”? Or is this yet another overpriced, over-hyped joint pain supplement that won’t work? Let’s take a closer look at how Joint N-11 works.

How Does Joint N-11 Work?

Joint N-11 relies on an ingredient called niacinamide. Niacinamide is simply a molecule used to create vitamin B. It’s a building block of vitamin B.

Zenith Labs is marketing this molecule as a “cheddary baking yeast” because the molecule is found within certain types of cheddar rolls. If you are making cheddar rolls for someone who is vegan or lactose intolerant, then you would use a special type of yeast called ‘savory yeast’. This type of yeast contains niacinamide.

Zenith Labs claims niacinamide has two crucial health benefits:

  • It stimulates your body to protect and repair cartilage
  • It soothes inflammation and cellular swelling

In one study, patients regained 87% of their flexibility and range of motion after two months of taking niacinamide supplements. That study involved over 1,000 men and women over 50 who had joint mobility and pain issues.

There are hundreds of studies showing how niacinamide can improve joint health. It’s not like Zenith Labs only just discovered the molecule. Many of today’s best join pain supplements contain vitamin B or niacinamide. Many people simply take a vitamin B supplement to alleviate joint pain.

So what makes Joint N-11 different from the dozens of other (cheaper) vitamin B supplements on the market? Well, Zenith Labs claims to have added an “absorption blend” that helps your body “squeeze every last drop” of niacinamide’s benefits. That absorption blend includes BioPerine (black pepper extract), ginger root, and basil and rosemary leaves. Zenith Labs cites various studies showing that these ingredients can increase the absorption of vitamin B supplements, making joint health supplements more effective.

Additionally, Zenith Labs has added something called its ‘rapid relief blend’ to Joint N-11. That blend includes four ingredients: turmeric root, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), n-acetyl-l-cysteine, and boswellia serrata. Again, all of these ingredients are commonly found in other joint pain supplements, and they have each been independently linked to various health benefits.

Zenith Labs claims the absorption blend and rapid relief blend, combined with niacinamide, makes their Joint N-11 supplement the best supplement in the world of terms of healing joint pain immediately.

Joint N-11 Ingredients

Joint N-11 contains all of the following ingredients:

  • Niacinamide
  • BioPerine
  • Ginger Root
  • Basil and Rosemary Leaves
  • Turmeric Root
  • Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM)
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
  • Boswellia Serrata

Other ingredients include gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silica. Because of the gelatin, Joint N-11 doesn’t claim to be vegan or vegetarian friendly. The supplement also claims to contain soy. However, Joint N-11 claims there are no GMO ingredients.

Joint N-11 Dosages

Joint N-11 contains the following dosage amounts:

  • 100mg of Niacin (as niacinamide), or 625% of your Daily Value
  • 200mg of turmeric root powder
  • 200mg of MSM
  • 100mg of n-acetyl-l-cysteine
  • 100mg of Indian frankincense (resin) boswellia serrata (extract)
  • 100mg of basil leaf powder
  • 50mg of a proprietary blend containing soy lecithin and black pepper fruit extract (BioPerine)

Joint N-11 Pricing

Joint N-11 is priced higher than most other joint supplements on the market. Plus, you can only order it online through the official website – it’s not available through Amazon or other retailers. Here’s how prices break down:

  • 1 Bottle: $49
  • 3 Bottles: $117
  • 6 Bottles: $198

All prices include shipping in the United States. You can pay online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal (although all payments, including credit cards, will be processed through PayPal).

Joint N-11 Refund Policy

Joint N-11 claims to have a 6 month money back guarantee. As far as we can tell, there’s no ‘catch’ behind that guarantee: it appears to be legitimate. Here’s how the refund is worded in the terms and conditions:

“Zenith Labs will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 180 days from the date of purchase.”

It’s unclear what the company means by “defective product”. It’s possible that the supplement needs to have some manufacturer’s defect in order to be returned. Or, it’s possible customers may qualify for the discount if they found the product to be defective.

Who’s Behind Joint N-11?

Joint N-11 was created by a man named Dr. Ryan Shelton, the Medical Director of Zenith Labs. Dr. Shelton is a licensed primary care physician. He’s also an author who claims his books have helped “hundreds of thousands of men and women over 40” enjoy powerful health benefits.

I addition to working for Zenith Labs, Dr. Shelton creates products for South Beach Skin Lab, which specializes in age repair and prevention creams.

Zenith Labs lists the following address as its headquarters:

4610 Prime Parkway, McHenry, IL 60050

That address looks like a small, nondescript office in an office park north of Chicago.

You can contact the company by phone at 1-855-750-2202.

Is Dr. Ryan Shelton a Real Doctor?

On the sales page for Joint N-11, Dr. Ryan Shelton describes himself as “a licensed primary care physician” in Hawaii.

This is true, although it’s a little bit misleading. Dr. Shelton is not a licensed medical doctor: he’s a licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in alternative medicine. He appears to work for a Hawaii-based company called Pacific Quest (, where you can view his employee profile here.

Based on what we can find online, Dr. Shelton is a double board certified naturopathic doctor (ND) who earned his master’s degree at the University of Kansas and received his doctor’s training at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington.

Dr. Shelton is a licensed primary care naturopathic physician who contributed to the development of Joint N-11 in some way. However, he’s not a licensed medical doctor like the sales page seems to lead you to believe.

Final Word

Joint N-11 is a joint health supplement that contains many of the same ingredients as other joint health supplements: there’s niacin, for example, and MSM, both of which are extremely popular and found in many popular formulations.

Why is Joint N-11 priced at $50 compared to its competitors that are priced at $10 to $15 per bottle on Amazon? The company claims its BioPerine, turmeric, and other ingredients enhance the effectiveness of the supplement, increasing absorption. These ingredients allow Joint N-11 to have “miracle” healing powers while helping you instantly feel “15 years younger”.

Overall, Joint N-11 seems overly expensive for the ingredients inside, and the health claims advertised online are absurd. However, if you have struggled with other joint health supplements in the past and want to try something new, then Joint N-11 may be the right choice for you.

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There are various pharmaceutical drugs that have been designed to treat these conditions as there are so many people affected, but there are also alternative medicines that can be beneficial. As humans, we lack the ability to produce Vitamin C which means that we must acquire Vitamin C through diet and nutrition. If we do not provide our bodies with a sufficient amount of Vitamin C, it can be problematic to our health – in particular, our cardiovascular health. Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and Dr. Mathias Ruth maintain that many heart conditions are in fact caused by Vitamin C deficiency.

Lack of Vitamin C can cause arteries to become brittle and susceptible to cracks and can also increase cholesterol levels. Specifically, lipoprotein A Lp(a), a type of LDL cholesterol is increased. Lp(a) is the main contributor to arterial plaque as it has adhesive qualities. Attention was first given to this concern in 1989 when research on heart attack victims determined that arterial plaque in the clogged aortas contained only Lp(a) cholesterol. When arteries experience cracks, the body attempts to repair the area by sending even more cholesterol which begins to form its own deposits further constricting the area. This reduces oxygen flow and causes heart attacks and strokes.

In order to prevent and treat heart disease, the Pauling Therapy suggests taking high doses of Vitamin C as well as lysine, an amino acid. This treatment can strengthen arteries and prevent cracks and fissures. The lysine also prevents Lp(a) from sticking to arteries. Even further, Dr. Rath suggests adding proline, another amino acid, to the treatment. Proline protects the arteries by further preventing Lp(a) from sticking and in turn, promoting greater blood circulation. If the appropriate doses are followed, this therapy can significantly reduce existing arterial plaque and prevent future deposits from forming. In turn, cholesterol is lowered, the heart becomes stronger, immunity is increased, and overall health is improved.

Although heart disease is a major threat, fairly simple lifestyle and dietary changes can help combat the issue. Dr. Pauling suggests those at-risk to take at least 5g of Vitamin C and 3g of lysine every day. To address pre-existing arterial plaque, he recommends between 6 and 18 g of Vitamin C in divided doses and between 2 and 6 g of lysine. To further enhance this treatment, 800 IU of Vitamin E can be added which helps makes blood less sticky and between 100 and 300 mg of coenzyme Q10 every day which helps the heart pump blood more efficiently. It is particularly important to take CoQ10 if one is already taking cholesterol medications as they can deplete the body of this important nutrient.

Other nutrients that can help improve heart function are carnitine, taurine and arginine amino acids and Vitamin K which has antioxidant properties that can help reduce arterial plaque deposits. Various leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, or swiss chard, are good sources of Vitamin K. As with any treatment, it is important to consult a medical professional beforehand and those taking anticoagulant medication could be affected by an increase of Vitamin K in their bodies. Supplementary DHEA, a hormone which already exists in the body, is also beneficial as it not only prevents the buildup of arterial plaque, but also reduces inflammation in the body and can decrease dangerous visceral fat that can be found around the abdomen. Pauling Therapy should be done in consultation with your doctor as they can monitor your progress and can suggest a possible reduction in your current heart medication accordingly.

To support the Pauling Therapy, trans fats and refined sugar should be reduced or completely eliminated from your diet. A balance of exercise and drinking lots of water in also important. If you would really like to ramp up your diet, try a heart-conscious, organic diet that contains plenty of omega- 3 oils. The Pauling Therapy could significantly reduce our reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. It is cost-effective and doesn’t require a prescription which makes it accessible to many. It could also help to reduce the amount of heart-related surgeries that occur each year at astronomical rates. Sure, the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies won’t be happy, but your heart and arteries will be.

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Vito Brain: Safe Nootropic Brain Booster for Energy and Focus?




vito brain

Vito Brain is a supplement that consumers can use on a daily basis to improve their mental reaction time and to create a healthier brain. The supplement is available with a risk-free trial that can be found on the official website.

What is Vito Brain?

Nootropic supplements are a helpful and effortless way for consumers to improve their brain power, but every remedy is created differently. Some formulas have an unnecessary amount of caffeine to wake up the senses, while the Vita Brain remedy nourishes the brain instead.

By using the Vito Brain supplement, consumers may:

  • Improve nerve growth in the brain
  • Support cell walls
  • Increase the health of neurotransmitters
  • Promote heightened blood flow
  • Reduce the effect of free radicals
  • Promote protein synthesis

While the website states that this remedy is non-addictive, consumers will not be provided with any further details about the ingredients. The website primarily details the benefits that consumers can look forward to, rather than what causes them.

Using Vito Brain

The details about the proper use of Vito Brain are scarce. However, considering that a one-month supply is 60 capsules, it should be safe to assume that two capsules are all that are needed daily to get the desired effect.

Purchasing Vito Brain

Consumers that want to see the effect that Vita Brain has on them can engage in the trial offer. The trial requires the user to pay $7.95 for the shipping and handling, but the user gets to temporary use the product for free otherwise. After the Trial, the user will be charged $102.97 for the remedy for each month that they engage in the subscription.

Contacting the Creators of Vito Brain

Even with the information on the website, consumers may find themselves wanting to know more. The customer service team can be reached with a phone call or an email.

  • Phone number: 800-947-6676
  • Email address:

Vito Brain Review Summary

With Vito Brain, consumers have the ability to improve their focus and concentration by nourishing the needs of the brain. Without an ingredient list or even the description of a proprietary blend involved, it is difficult to say if the formula can actually do what it advertises. However, with all of these benefits and the free trial, the best chance that the user could have of finding out is to place an order.

Though these types of supplements do not typically interfere with other medications, consumers that are meant to take a prescription may want to check the use of this remedy with their doctor first.

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