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CoolBlast Portable Air Conditioner Reviews – Legit Mini AC?



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CoolBlast Portable Air Conditioner: The Best to Cool Your Home in summer

Yay, summertime is here! Many people long days in the sun and even take long vacations to spend quality time with loved ones or alone.

However, the thought of sweaty and smelly rooms or camps, not to mention sleepless nights from the excess heat, is a significant bother. Fortunately, there’s a solution hence the need for a portable air conditioner. Behold, ladies and gentlemen, CoolBlast portable air conditioner!

With CoolBlast portable air conditioner, rest assured of super convenience; you have nothing to install, and there’s no need to panic about a weighty appliance falling outside your window.

Even better, having CoolBlast in your room will allow it to cool, purify and humidify to give you better air. What’s more?

How Does CoolBlast Portable Air Conditioner Work?

CoolBlast portable air conditioner usually cools the whole area where you place it by taking in the warm air, cool and circulate it. This unit lets out warm air outside through a tube attached to your window.

Even better, CoolBlast will maintain comfortable humidity levels, ensuring you relax enjoying nourished air. Also, users can adjust features like fan speeds and temperature to suit their preferences.

With CoolBlast, you can put it in a room where you prefer remote window access, not to mention enough floor space. Because it is effortless and straightforward to use, you can even have it in your office.

CoolBlast Features

As a homeowner, the market has several options to offer for managed air conditioning. What makes one unit stand out is the features it provides and the market price. While others come with competitive prices and cool the warm air, CoolBlast is a cut above the rest.

See its unique features below;

Cooling Abilities

There’s nothing as frustrating as expecting your air conditioner to do its job and kick out the hot air from your space with no success. Luckily, this is not the situation to expect with CoolBlast. Getting clean and comfortable air from CoolBlast is very simple since it comes with inbuilt features that cool, purify and humidify.

As it pulls the warm air in via the evaporative water filter, the air does not only cool, but the filter also takes away all the impurities from the warm air. This way, it eliminates the dust, pet dander, and other air impurities that can trigger allergies and asthmatic reactions.

So in the end, you don’t just get the expected cool air, but also clean and comfortable as long as 10 hours. Also, it is essential to note that it takes in a total air volume of 50CFM, which is adequate for a good supply in a room.

Power Usage

Remarkably, it comes with a USB cable of 5V, 2.1A. This means that it allows fast charging of the CoolBlast to enable you to use it as soon as possible. Also, the 8W power supply ensures your CoolBlast has better system reliability, reduced system maintenance costs, and improved comfort and noise reduction.

Generally, the small fan size and reduced power consumption of CoolBlast make it energy-efficient and safe to use.


Even though CoolBlast portable air conditioner is somewhat pricier than some window units, it enables it from one room to another. This is because it is more compact and easier to install hence requires less effort wherever you decide to place it.

Even better, it is lightweight with just 860g of weight. So, you can pack and carry it to use outdoors when you travel for vacations and camping. However, CoolBlast needs proximity to an electric and window outlet.


One of the things that make CoolBlast unrivaled is its straightforward usability. This unit makes your life easier and convenient with the top-fill pouring system. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about finding time for refills as it comes with no refill tank.

Therefore, you need to pour water directly into the 375ml water tank and relax as you breathe in the pleasantly fresh air.


Even though the fan is small, CoolBlast has three different fan speeds and a flexible louver. This way, you can choose a suitable speed level to suit your needs anytime you want to change, not to mention directing the airflow to a preferred direction.

Sometimes, you have to tone down the speed and airflow for sensitive elderly and kids. Besides, different speed levels come with variable noise levels. Also, there’s a set timer that turns off after some time to reduce energy consumption.

CoolBlast Pricing

Are you looking for reasonable, flexible, and transparent costs? CoolBlast portable air conditioner offers you three best buying options with prompt support, an impressive return policy, no hidden charges, and reasonable delivery estimated period. Read on.

For starters, the single-pack CoolBlast portable air conditioner has a low price of $89.99 after a 50% discount from $179.99.

Also, you can opt to get the 2-pack for an affordable price of $179.99, down from $359.99. this allows you to save even more for the value of 2 pieces of this unit.

Saving the best for last is the most popular family 3-pack! You can get the three CoolBlasts for an unbeatable price of $ 202.90 instead of $405.80. Better still, this limited offer equals buying each unit for $67.63.

Conversely, you can buy this fantastic portable air conditioner through several online payment methods like VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, McAfee Secure, and DISCOVER. Rest assured that these payment methods are secure to allow the safe delivery of your desired package.


  • It cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air
  • There’s an inbuilt LED mood light with seven color options for your preference
  • Easy to turn on/off with just a light button touch
  • Easy to install
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors
  • The adjustable fan speed and airflow direction suit your needs
  • Effortless usage to make life easy without the need for refill tanks
  • Lightweight and compact for portability and travel
  • Silent operation
  • More affordable
  • You can hide it if you feel like it’s ruining the interior décor
  • Efficient energy consumption


  • It is compact hence needing more than a single unit for an ample space or many rooms.
  • Requires frequent maintenance of changing filters
  • Must place it near a window for efficient water output

Is CoolBlast Worth It?

Making a perfect choice of air conditioners can be challenging, especially when swimming deep in a pool of options. It’s usually a question of creating balance amid features and performance.

This is the same situation when it comes to deciding on the ideal portable air conditioner. CoolBlast Portable air conditioner is not your ordinary cup of tea. It provides effective cooling to rooms with poor access to fixed air conditioning or even areas that need extra cooling. CoolBlast is a popular choice for cooling, purifying, and humidifying living rooms, offices, bedrooms, theatre rooms, man caves, computer rooms, basements, and more with its straightforward installation and ease of movement.

Besides, its modern design provides an excellent addition to your interior. So yes, CoolBlast is worth every penny of investment for your space!

Why Should You Invest In A Portable Air Conditioner?

After considering all the pros of CoolBlast portable air conditioner, a summary of two significant points below is what you need:

A portable air conditioner provides access to your windows. This is mainly important for those spaces with just a few windows. A mobile unit is better than a window unit which will block the limited source of natural light. Bette still, portable air conditioners like CoolBlast allow you the freedom of where to put the unit to work with the setting of your room.

It comes ready to use straight out of the box. Lucky for you, you won’t need any assistance installing CoolBlast or any other portable air conditioner while you lift it in the right spot in your window. Moreover, the installation process is tool-free, aside from a handy window kit to fix the exhaust hose in place a few inches apart from your window. All there is to do is plug it in to overcome the heat.


Return Policy

Buying your CoolBlast portable air conditioner from superb online is a safe and reliable decision to make.

Because customer satisfaction is a significant objective of this online store, it allows the customer to return the unit if unsatisfied within 30 days after delivery.

You can launch your claim to return the product through the contact us page to process a return ticket as a customer. In the process, kindly ensure you add your order number and explain why you want to return CoolBlast. Your reason will help the shop and manufacturer to avoid making the same mistakes that cause dissatisfaction.

After initiating the return process, the shop has the mandate to reship a new CoolBlast, refund your total amount, or even apply for credit. Better still, they will be sure to respond to your claims with other customers as soon within 24 hours upon receiving.

In this situation, please note that this online store will not refund, repay, cover, or even take responsibility for any amount they have not paid. This includes customs taxes/ VAT and even shipping costs you may spend during the return process.

Final Thoughts

CoolBlast portable air conditioners can be exceptionally convenient for several homeowners and renters; not to mention it is an inexpensive way to allow some cool air into your space. It also acts as a lifesaver in case your permanent air conditioner is not functional — you can have it up and running immediately until the repairs are through. If you decide to give CoolBlast a try, ensure you know the size of your space so that you purchase a package that will work best for the area.

With CoolBlast, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable home all through summer!


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