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Keto Jolt: Pure BHB Salts Trigger Body To Start Burning Fat In A State of Ketosis?

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Keto Jolt

Are you like every slightly overweight individual in the world, looking for an edge on your weight loss journey? Maybe you've hit a plateau and need something to help get you over the hump. The latest supplement that the internet is pushing is Keto Jolt. Our initial research hasn't turned up much. No official website that we can find besides fake reviews. This isn't to say that it is a fake product or a scam, just means we haven't been able to locate it at this time.

What We Know About Keto Jolt

  • Name: Keto Jolt
  • Website: Unknown
  • Phone: Unknown
  • Email: Unknown
  • Return Address: Unknown
  • Supplement Price:
    • Free Trial (Assume it will be around $4.95)
    • Typical 14 Days to Cancel then full price of $90 to $100 per bottle.
  • Ingredient List: BHB Salts
    • Magnesium BHB
    • Calcium BHB
    • Sodium BHB
  • Directions: Unknown

Keto Jolt Stated Benefits:

  • Reduces Fat Storage
  • Increases Energy
  • Promotes Burning of Fat Cells
  • Enter State of Ketosis Faster

As you can see, the supplement known as Keto Jolt doesn't have a lot of publicly available information. We are assuming it is an affiliate based product so the homepage URL may not be based on the name. While this isn't an indication that the product is bad or ineffective, we just wish that the company was a little more transparent. The keto supplement may be made with the best ingredients in the world or at least formulated in a safe and effective manner, we just don't have that information yet.

Check Back for An Update on Keto Jolt

Our research team is doing their best to locate the owners and will reach out once we hear back.  For now, we suggest you do your own research and be cautious before buying any health or weight loss supplement.

To help you reach your weight loss goals, we suggest you read our guides that link to the top products that are currently on the market; Superfood drinks, detox cleanses, prebiotics, and the best fat burners.

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